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Surgery Pillow Plush Botanical Succulents


Mastectomy or Chest Surgery Pillow

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This surgery pillow is the absolutely perfect gift to make your road to recovery a much easier one to travel.

This Recovery pillow is ideal for:

  • Uni-lateral or double mastectomy
  • Lumpectomy
  • Open heart or thoracic surgery
  • Breast reconstruction or augmentation
  • Extra protection from the seat belt after surgery
Having this pillow was a godsend after a bilateral mastectomy. Thank you so much. Excellent quality. Beautiful pillow as well with the floral pattern. I’m going to keep using it since it is so nice, unless I know anyone else later on, who might need it more than I do.
Karen Werner
July 14, 2020
So great! I ordered the chest surgery pillow for my brother who had unexpected heart surgery .it was the best thing he could have gotten! He loves it & the ice pack pockets were perfect to aide in his recovery. He even walks around with it! Living more than 800 miles apart the pillow was like sending him a huge hug ! DAWN the owner went above and beyond to get it there asap! Thumbs up to small business!!
Kelly Monroe
Dec 18, 2018
I was so happy with my purchase. Dawn was incredibly sweet to make sure I got my item quickly and earlier than expected for my mother’s surgery. My mom loved the beautiful pattern; it was bright and happy for a tough situation she said. I cannot wait to order more items. The quality of the item was very high and so much better than I could ever have dreamed of! Thank you Dawn!
J. Seastone
Sep 4, 2019

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Pillow ONLY, Pillow w/ 1 Ice Pack, Pillow w/ 2 Ice Packs


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