My Cool Companion™

The 7 Stitches® My Cool Companion™ can be used to provide gentle abdominal compression after surgery. The pockets are large enough to hold the hot/cold gel packs for soothing heat or a cooling therapy to help swelling and increase comfort near your incision. .

My Cool Companion™ can be used from the first day after surgery, supporting your abdomen or chest when you cough, sneeze or laugh. In bed or lounging on the couch, use this pillow to support your incision as you lay on your side. Your tummy may feel sore but this colorful pillow should comfort you. .
This after surgery pillow is ideal for: .
• Lumpectomy.
• Mastectomy.
• Radiotherapy.
• Breast reconstruction.
• Chest surgery.
• Heart surgery.
• Abdominal surgery.
• Hysterectomy.
• Endometriosis.
• Organ transplant.
• Menstrual cramps.
• C-Section.
• Laparoscopic surgeries.
• Hernia repair.
100% cotton front and super soft minky back.

Measuring approximately 13.5″ x 13.5″. It is handmade and may vary slightly in exact sizes.

Large Pocket for hot/cold pack Pocket measure approximately 6.5×13.5

Hot/Cold packs NOT INCLUDED in purchase


How important are pillows to surgery recovery?
Pillows are an incredibly important aspect of your hysterectomy recovery and other surgeries like C-section, tummy tuck, hernia repairs. It is recommended that you hold a small firm pillow (like  My Cool Companion™) over your incision as you cough or sneeze which provides support to your tender belly. Additionally, place a small pillow between your tender incision area and the seatbelt on any car ride to make a safer and more comfortable car ride. We suggest having a 7 Stitches® My SeatBelt Bestie™ Post Surgical Seat Belt Pillow in the car for this purpose. Once you are at home, My Cool Companion™ tummy pillow can also be used to prevent pets and small children from bumping your incisions. .

Why does this pillow have a pocket?
The pocket on My Cool Companion™ is to hold an ice pack or a heated pack for your comfort against your tender abdominal incision/s.

How do I wash My Cool Companion™? Throw in the wash and dry as you would any other without the worry of the foam filling clumping up

What is the pillow made from? My Cool Companion exterior is 100% cotton on the front and luxuriously soft minky on the back and stuffed with soft foam.

Our pillows are stuffed with the finest foams

Made without Ozone depleters

Made without PBDE flame retardants

Made without mercury, lead, and other heavy metals

Made without formaldehyde

Made without prohibited Phthalate softening agents (pronounced thal’-āte)

Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions for indoor air quality (less than 0.5 parts per million)

Knowing that the materials you’re bringing into your home are free of these additives can help you make your purchase decisions with confidence and let you rest easy once they are in your home or car.

What is the Pocket Pillow size? My Cool Companion™ is approximately 13.5″ x 13.5″. The pillow is handmade and may vary slightly in exact sizes.

Who makes the Pocket Pillow for Hysterectomy Recovery? My Cool Companion™ Hysterectomy pocket pillow was designed and made in the USA.

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