Port & Pacemaker Pals™

The Port / Pacemaker Pal™ is an amazing little cushion designed to provide comfort and a level of protection to anyone with implanted devices. For safety the shoulder strap on a seat belt lays across the chest in the same area as a chemotherapy port, pacemaker and central line which causes discomfort while wearing a seat belt. Exclusively available at 7 Stitches® Boutique.

Relieve the discomfort with a portable, soft and travel-ready Port Pal™. It’s comfortable, convenient and incredibly cute. Available in a multitude of prints to fit your unique personality

The PORT / PACEMAKER PAL™ is ideal for anyone with:

Medical or Chemotherapy ports
Central line that is irritated by the seatbelt
Chronic Illness
Crones Disease
Feeding Tube
G Tube

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