My Surgery Sidekick™

This uniquely designed Post Operative Pillow will help provide comfort and protection to the chest after a surgery. The contoured pillow supports the arm and shoulder to provide much needed relief after a chest or breast surgery. The flexible design of the three-sectioned pillow conforms to your body shape so you can easily find a comfortable position whether you’re sitting up or reclining. Let your pillow take care of YOU so you can recuperate in comfort!

Our surgery pillow:

Has a pocket to hold an ice pack to help reduce swelling (ice packs available)
Provides comfort while relaxing or sleeping
Offers comfortable seat belt protection
Allows counter balance from having the breast removed
Offers support and relief to the chest wall and underarm area
100% cotton and soft foam

Ideal for:

Heart Surgery
Thoracic Surgery
Organ Transplants
After Surgery Support
DIEP Flap Surgery

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