My SeatBelt Bestie™ Curved edition

The 7 Stitches® My SeatBelt Bestie™ Curved edition Post Surgical Seat Belt Pillow is a MUST HAVE for after surgery care. Its unique design makes it absolutely perfect even before you go to the hospital, the ride home and throughout the entire recovery process and beyond.  My SeatBelt Bestie™ post surgical seatbelt pillow provides an exceptional amount of comfort and protection. We don’t want you to just be the ride along but to stay in the driver’s seat during your treatment and recovery.  With high-quality hand sewn material and beautiful designs, you’ll feel comfy and confident well beyond your heal time. This is without a doubt the perfect gift for you, or a loved one going through that difficult time.

Other things this surgery pillow is ideal for:

Chest surgery
Organ transplant
Menstrual cramps
C-Section or Pregnancy
Laparoscopic surgeries
Hernia repair
Shoulder surgery
Chemotherapy Ports


Measures approximately 13.5″ x 6.5″. It is handmade and may vary slightly in exact sizes.

A drawback of any seatbelt pillow is when you get out of the car your seatbelt might not retract on it’s own so just grab your seat belt pillow and slide it up your seatbelt to help the rest of the belt retract.


How do I wash my seat belt pillow?

Throw in the washing machine and dryer as you would any other without the worry of the foam filling clumping up but it will FLUFF up

What is the pillow made from?

It is 100% cotton  or Luxurious minky (depending on the pillow you choose) and stuffed with soft foam.

Who makes My SeatBelt Bestie™ Curved edition After Surgery Seat belt pillow?

This pillow was originally designed in 2013 and tweaked with curved corners in 2021 and made in the USA by me.

We are a small veteran/woman owned company that made travel pillows and redirected our mission after a customer request for a protective seat belt pillow for his friend going through breast reconstruction in 2013.  My own mother battled ovarian cancer and my grandmother had breast cancer so providing COMFORT FOR THE ONES YOU LOVE MOST™ is near and dear to our hearts.   We donate a portion of all of our proceeds to our non-profit Hugs for Healing.™

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