My Bellymate™

The 7 Stitches My Bellymate™ OSTOMY or PACEMAKER Seat Belt Pillow is a MUST HAVE. Its unique design makes it absolutely perfect in helping eliminate the stress put on your Ostomy pouch and stoma by offsetting the pressure applied by a vehicle seatbelt. It provides an exceptional amount of comfort and protection. With high-quality hand sewn material and beautiful designs, you’ll feel comfy and confident well beyond your heal time. This is without a doubt the perfect gift for you, or a loved one going through that difficult time.

PRACTICAL GIFT that is a tangible expression of comfort, care and best wishes for friends who are recovering from surgery such as: ❤Ostomy ❤Stoma ❤Ileostomy ❤Colostomy ❤Colon Cancer ❤Chemotherapy Port ❤Pacemaker ❤….and so much more

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