My Breastfriend

MY BREASTFRIEND is a MUST HAVE for post-surgery care. Its unique design makes it absolutely perfect for the ride home from the hospital. My Breastfriend provides an exceptional amount of comfort and protection. Finally, a solution to those irritating seat belts rubbing those highly sensitive areas! The best thing about My Breastfriend is that it can be used indefinitely! Yes, you read that right! With high-quality hand sewn material and beautiful designs, you’ll feel comfy and confident well beyond your heal time. This is without a doubt the perfect gift for you, or a loved one going through that difficult time.

Exclusive features of the My Breastfriend post surgical seatbelt pillow:
  • Made with 100% cotton fabric and soft foam
  • Has 2 straps to attach to the seatbelt and fit snuggly to alleviate the need to keep readjusting
  • Made for one-piece hassle-free washing. Wash and dry your comfort pillow as you would any other
  • Unique design allows for flexibilty around the seat belt without being too bulky
My Breastfriend Post Surgical Seatbelt Pillow is ideal for:
  • uni-lateral or double mastectomy
  • open heart or thoracic surgery
  • breast reconstruction or augmentation
  • pregnancy
  • after C-section
  • post abdominal surgery
  • bariatric surgery
  • chronic abdominal pain
  • ostomy
  • kidney transplant
  • chronic illness
  • crones disease
  • fibromyalgia
  • pots
  • feeding tubes
  • g tubes
  • shoulder surgery
  • DIEP flap surgery

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