My Bellymate

My Bellymate is a MUST HAVE after surgery  It is an innovative seat belt cushion that protects your abdomen from the irritating pressure of the seat belt. Wearing a seat belt after surgery or during times of discomfort can be extremely painful. However, the comforting padding and unique design, of My Bellymate, will ease your tummy and allow you to wear your seat belt properly as well as making your ride more bearable. You or your loved one will find exceptional relief with this amazing padding.

Made with 100% cotton fabric
Soft Foam
2 straps to attach to the seatbelt and fit snuggly to alleviate the need to keep readjusting
Completely Washable (no covers or inserts that need to be taken off or replaced)

My Bellymate seat belt pillow is ideal for:

Abdominal Surgery
Organ Transplants
Ostomy Comfort
Ovarian Cancer
Colon Cancer
Gastric Bypass Surgery
Tummy Tucks
Bariatric Surgery
Cervical Cancer
Kidney Cancer
Cancer Recovery Gift
Crones Disease
Open Myomectomy

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